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What is Crypto Airdrop

Airdrop in crypto means a project gives away their coin/token for free to community. You just need to do some simple tasks like register an account, follow twitter, telegram.

What is Hardfork Airdrop

Hardfork means a blockchain project does a major update and seperate their chain into 2 other chain with 2 cryptocurrency, the old and the new one.

Hardfork airdrops require you to hold at least a specific amount of old coin in your wallet. Then you will receive new coin to your wallet base on how much old coin you had in your wallet at the time of airdrop. Example: to receive Callisto Airdrop you have to hold Ethereum Classic in your ETC Wallet.

What is an ICO Airdrop

ICO means Initial Coin Offering. When a crypto project release their own coin (or token) and then sale these tokens in a crowd sale to fund for the project. Some ICOs choose to airdrop a specific percent of their token pool (usually from 5 – 10%) for the community to spread the name and attract more investors.

What is Crypto Bounty

Bounty in crypto means you do something requested by the project like write an article, post a video to Youtube, set your signature on Bitcointalk etc. You will receive coin/token corresponding to your job.

Why they give their coin to me for free?

A coin/token value depends on the community using it. The bigger cummunity is, the bigger value for the token. They give their token in exchange for Twitter, Telegram followers or to spread the project name to bigger community and hence more investors.

There is another reason. Some projects like POW Token don’t even their sell token, they are instead giving them for free. At some points there will so many people use their token on their platform, the token value will raises overtime.

Is Airdrop Scam?

Some projects are scam! But some are not! Scam is not mean they can take the money from you, unless you give them your private key (YOU SHOULDN’T!). Scam means they don’t have an actual project and their cryptocurrency value is zero.

But how can we realize a project is scam are not? There answer is we can’t! AlertAirdrop Team is trying our best to identify and remove scam project from our site and warning our member about it.

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Different between coin and token

Coin is a cryptocurrency which is running on their own blockchain and operating independently.

Token is a cryptocurrency which has to depends on another platform to operate. Example: ETHLend is running on Ethereum blockchain, Zeepin is running on NEO blockchain, RewardMob is running on WAVES blockchain.

Usually you will receive coin from a crypto hardfork airdrop, and receive token from an ICO airdrop.

When will I received my token

With hardfork airdrop, you will receive your coin within 1 week after the hardfork event.

With ICO airdrop, the token will be sent to your wallet after the crow-sale event. Usually it takes 1 weeks, sometimes it takes more than that. Approximately time will be given in official website or twitter.

How to get free coin and token from airdrop and bounty

First you need to follow instructions from Alert Airdrop. Then you need crypto wallet to receive your token.

Step-by-Step guide

How to secure my wallet?

First, you only give your public key to join airdrop event. NEVER give your private key to anyone or any strange website that’s you don’t trust.

Secondly, if you want to hold your coins for long time, then send them to a secured cold wallet like Trezor or Ledger. That’s will remove all threads could harm your fund.

Anything to notice when joining an airdrop campaign?

Follow these principles will protect yourself from scammers and thieves:

  • DO NOT share your private key for anyone.
  • DO NOT send KYC information to any project just for airdrop.
  • DO NOT use the same password for every airdrop.
  • DO NOT send ETH, BTC to any airdrop.
  • Create a new wallet just for getting airdrop