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10 ELF

Do the bounty job everyday to earn token.

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Registration instructions

Step 1: Register your account

Visit the registration page or click on the button below. Continue entering your email address and password for your account. Invitation code you fill 080H4UeQ68aW , this is the code introduction of Payvnn, you can not register without this code introduction.


Dang ky AELF

Step 2: Confirmation

You will receive an activation email, click on the link in the email to activate the account.

Step 3: Connect your Github account

Once confirmed you will be taken to the account management page. Click on the small Github icon at the top right corner.

Ket said to Github

You need to have a GitHub account to log in and confirm. How to register a GitHub account is simple. If you already have a Github account, just click Authorize aelfio to confirm


Finish this step you will get 5 points .

Step 4: Connect your Twitter account

Click on the Twitter icon next to the Github icon in the previous step. Log in to your Twitter account to connect.

Finish this step you will get 5 points.

Step 5: Connect to Telegram

You go to ALEFBot here and click the Start button. Then the bot will send you a link, click on this link to confirm. Finish this step you will have 5 more points.

Step 6: Perform other tasks

In the task list below you will have tasks such as Follow Twitter, Retweet on Twitter, add friends to Telegram account, you turn these tasks to earn more points.

Introduce friends

To earn more points please invite more friends to join the program. To get referral link click on the Influence Points tab , select link Copy the invitation link .

Currently there are 8 levels of members introduced, at each level you will receive a percentage of the corresponding points.

Program regulations

Some rules of this program you need to grasp:

  • The total ELF is 1,000 ELFs.
  • The ELF number you received = the total number of points you have / the total score of all participants x 1000 ELFs .
  • Each ELF rewards are one day .
  • ELFs will be deposited into your account at the end of each day .
  • You will withdraw ELF after 1 month .
  • If you are found cheating, your account will be blocked and you will lose ELF.

Each time the reward is 24 hours, so after a run you go to the bounty page to perform tasks to earn more points.

Wish you to earn more ELF token. Nowadays ELF tokens are very potential with high growth rates, this is a good opportunity for you to earn free coins without having to spend money to invest.


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