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Blockport (BPT)

80 BPT ~ 80 USD

Do task in Social Bounty to get free BPT token worth 1 USD per token.

Blockport (BPT)
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You need to add following contract address for the token to display in your wallet:

Contract address: 0x327682779bab2bf4d1337e8974ab9de8275a7ca8.

See tutorials.

What is Blockport?

Blockport is a virtual currency trading platform for a team from the Netherlands. Blockport is expected to provide a simple experience so anyone can securely trade money. By combining the deal with social networking, Blockport wants to build a social networking site where people can talk directly with each other rather than just anonymous trade as traditional trading platforms.

With Blockport’s trading platform you can:

  • Buy virtual currency directly.
  • Keep track of the trader’s experience and trading history.
  • Trade with many trading floors at the same time.
  • Combined with atomic swap , make money always in your original account without having to put on the floor.
Blockport BPT is offline
Blockport BPT is offline

BPT Token

Blockport Token (BPT) is a blockchain-based Ethereum standard. The ERC20 standard provides many features for the Blockport ecosystem.

BPT can be used to pay for transaction costs, payments for services or social networking features of Blockport.

A total of 69,440,000 tokens were issued, of which 49,600,000 tokens will be sold during the ICO. 14.3% will belong to developers and investors, 10% to Token Shop and 4.3% to community programs.

Get Token Free From Blockport (has expired)

Currently, Blockport has a free token program for members to follow the required steps. Just a few simple steps you will receive 56 tokens with a later value of about $ 0.25 per token.


First, you visit the registration link or click on the button below, then enter your name and email address to register.


After successful registration you will have a list of tasks to perform, completing each task you will be rewarded token corresponding to the account. For example:

  • Commenh: +1 token.
  • Like facebook: +10 token.
  • Follow Twitter: +10 token.
  • View Youtube clip: +10 token.
  • Subsribe Youtube: +10 token.

There are also many more token bonuses than you can refer to in this article .

Note: Token is only confirmed and sent to the wallet after each batch (1 week). So Payvnn does not encourage you to open multiple accounts or use the virtual nick to earn more tokens, which can make you no longer valid and lose the token earned.

Time for each batch is:

Session 1: January 7-14, 2018
Session 2: January 15-22, 2018
Session 3: January 23-31, 2018
Session 4: February 1-6, 2018
Session 5: February 7-14, 2018
Session 6: February 15 -22, 2018
Session 7: February 23-28, 2018

Potential rating Blockport

Blockport is a project with many breakthrough ideas and great potential. However, Blockport’s ideas may be difficult to implement because of the need for cooperation from other platforms as well as the ability of the development team. Let’s wait and see in the first quarter Blockport 1.0 will release the Beta has added elements evaluation of this project.

Learn more about the Blockport project at:

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