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Chronobank (TIME)


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Chronobank (TIME)
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For any successful referral to our official Telegram group, users will be rewarded with $1 in TIME.
The maximum amount of referrals within the three months period is 30.

‼️ UPDATE: Thanks for participating in the referral campaign. We’ve slightly underestimated the amount of people who will hit maximum amount of 30 referrals. Therefore to make it fair, we’ve removed bonus payment for the top 5 people with the highest referral number. Now everyone who invites 30 people will receive bonus of 0.25 TIME


Step 1: Make sure to join our main Telegram chat.

Step 2: Go to our Friends & Family referral bot @chronobankrefbot and click ‘Start’.

Step 3: Click ‘Wallet’ and when it say ‘Your wallet number is none’ simply paste your ETH wallet address in the text field and send.

You will also be asked to add an email in case we need to contact you regarding your bonus distribution.

Clicking ‘Wallet’ again after these steps and it should look like this.

Step 4: Almost done, the last step before you can start.

Click ‘Link’ to display your personal, unique referral link.

Use this link to share ChronoBank’s vision with your friends and family and get rewarded for it.

Step 5 (for referred person only): It is important to notice that your personal link will not forward people to our actual main group but to the referral bot.

☑️ For you to receive the reward however, it’s necessary for them to join Chronobank group.

So once you have referred your friends and family to the bot, all they have to do is:

  1. Start bot
  2. Click ‘Rules’
  3. Join ChronoBank’s main telegram group with the provided link.

Et voilà, your referral is completed and you can check your successful ones when clicking ‘Stats’.


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