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What are Coinstocks?

Coinstocks ( ) is a newly launched trading platform based in Florida, USA. The goal of Coinstocks is to make money investment opportunities available to everyone.

Most virtual currency trading platforms are not designed for the average customer. Most have a performance issue, a hard-to-use interface, and a lot of trouble with reliability and reliability. CoinStocks intends to bring a breakthrough model with the transparency of every operation and user interface as easy to use as possible.

CoinStocks is in the process of trial and finalization. There is not much information about the company as well as the development team. Payvnn will update the article when more information.

Initially, CoinStocks allows XRP, ETH trade and Ethereum platform tokens.

Coinstocks subscribers receive 100 IOX tokens

IOX Token

IOX is a private token that is used on CoinStocks. IOX will be used for a variety of activities, such as payment for deals, voting, referrals, etc.

A total of 50 million IOX tokens are available, of which 1 million tokens will be distributed free of charge in the airdrop, bounty program.

Get 100 Free IOX Tokens

You only need to sign up for CoinStocks account to receive 100 free IOX tokens. You should note that only 40,000 registered accounts receive a token, so register now.



Learn more about the Coinstocks project at:

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