How To Get Free Coin From Airdrop and Bounty Step-by-Step

What do you need before joining airdrop campaign?

In order to receive the most virtual currency, you must prepare the following types of accounts:


  • Facebook: Personal Facebook is required, Facebook Group and Facebook Page as possible. As interactive as possible.
  • Twitter: social networking platform every news only 140 words. This is the social network most popular world currency. The more interacting your account is, the more followers you have.
  • Medium: where virtual currency projects update the latest information, plans and updates.
  • Telegram: The most popular chat application in cyberspace because of its security and open features.
  • LinkedIn: a social networking site where members of projects update profiles about their experience as well as their abilities.
  • Bitcointalk: The world’s largest virtual currency. Your nick as many posts as possible.
  • ETH Wallet: You can use the Metamask add-on or the Myetherwallet page to create a wallet.

EXPANSION LIST (some projects require you to have this account):

  • Discord: group video chat application
  • Github: where the virtual currency project updates the code (open source) of the project.
  • Instagram: photo sharing application.