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Cryptokami #2 (KAMI)

50 KAMI + $50

Do your research before joining. This project is lack of information. 50 USD can exchange for 10 KAMI after sale.

Cryptokami #2 (KAMI)
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CryptoKami Reward

CryptoKami Reward

What is CryptoKami?

CryptoKami is a hierarchical storage system. The CryptoKami platform is like Ethereum but only for third parties in the financial sector.

Financial service organizations running ICO and operating on open source Cardano technology with two Cryptokami inventions created a third generation blockchain POS called CryptoKami with a KAMI token. At the same time, CryptoKami operates on its own behalf as the Federal Reserve System (FED). This is the core feature and core technology, with CryptoKami distributing and controlling KAMI tokens according to the mandatory reserve mechanism based on the Comreme algorithm (Patent of CryptoKami) through the Regulatory Agreement (Patent of CryptoKami.

As such, CryptoKami operates as a central bank, and financial services organizations operate on the CryptoKami platform as commercial banks. CryptoKami issues and modifies the KAMI 210M token under compulsory reserve based on the Comreme algorithm through a Management Agreement, thus blocking third-party infrastructure for third parties. financial end users.

What is Cryptokami?
What is Cryptokami?

What is Token Kami? What is Kamis?

What is Token KAMI?

KAMI Token is the unit used when paying in CryptoKami system.

KAMI is a blockchain independent tokens and an open protocol for decentralized trading. It is expected that KAMI will serve as a basic building block that can be combined with other protocols to control the increasing complexity. This allows KAMI owners to diversify their portfolio by accessing cards related to the price of the property.

KAMI allows asset owners to unlock valuable assets by creating and selling or renting their property cards. Platform for expanding liquidity and transparency of assets and reducing transaction fees. Provides owners of KAMI tokens detecting and diversifying prices on a variety of assets as it allows the creation or delivery of third-party notices in accordance with the disclosure and management regulations, and the KAMI token contract.

What is Token KAMIs?

Bounty programs, the KAMI polls will cause inflation. Cryptokami grows out of KAMIs to fight inflation. KAMIs will be used for the above cases. Those who own a lot of KAMIs will have a leader account, the right to represent the vote. KAMIs can be transferred between accounts.

How to Get KAMI Token Free

To get a free token, you need to sign up .



Click the REGISTER button , fill in the email address and password. Finally click on the email to confirm the link is complete.

After registering you will receive 10 KAMI Token and 50 KAMIs Token.

ICO Information

Currently, CryptoKami has been very close to the second Private Sale, starting at 11:59 pm PST on 03/02/2018 and will end at 11:59 PST on 09/02/2018.

Each KAMI Token for Private Sale is $ 0.53 per unit.

Hard limit: $ 1,250,000.00 USD

Acceptance of payment: BTC, ETH. Note that the buyer must transfer money from his wallet rather than from the trading platform.

Limited to 40000KAMI per day, each account can only buy 3000KAMI.

The total number of bonus KAMIs is 1600000. For each KAMI account, KAMIs bonus will be equal to 40% of KAMI’s purchase. Example: A buy 1000 KAMI in Round 2 Private Sale for $ 530 USD, A will get 1000 KAMI + 40 * 1000 KAMIs.

Restricted countries include:

  • America
  • Cayman Islands
  • China
  • Korea
  • Canada.
  • Some countries where the token transaction is illegal. Including countries in the US OFAC list: Iran, Sudan, Syria, North Korea, and Cuba.

Watch the time of sale and price, bonuses in the following table:

Table Price Bids Sale
Table Price Bids Sale

To register a Whitelist you can visit the CryptoKami homepage and click the Join Whitelist button .

CryptoKami Join Whitelist
CryptoKami Join Whitelist

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