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CyberMiles (CMT)

150 CMT

Register with your ETH Wallet, then copy your verification code send to group to verify. Invite your friend to earn 15 CMT each, up to 150 CMT.

CyberMiles (CMT)
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1.The total amount of our Airdrop program is 500,000 CMT.
2.To join the Airdrop program, you need to register on our website.
3.We will give you a referral link. Share it to your friends to claim your CMT.
4.Every successful referral entry will provide you 15 CMT, up to 150 CMT.
5.The Aidrop program will finish in 5 days or when the 500 000 CMT are totally released.
6.You will receive the tokens in 4 weeks after the event.
7.The program will automatically detect multi-account players, so don’t try!
8.All rights are reserved to Cybermiles Foundation.
9.If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know on our Telegram channel.

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