Dice Money (DICET)


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Dice Money (DICET)
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Please dont paste your voucher code in group, keep it safe and dont share with anyone until the end of ICO for verify your bonus ✅

👉🏻 how to get your bonus and voucher code : 👈🏻
1. Follow our Twitter : https://twitter.com/DICEsup
2. Retweet Our 2 last tweet every week
3. Fill this form : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdnBH8UBKOiyBugoKJA2r3jtvNqu8J7ibw16gvbQKgJ0Ctc9w/viewform
4. type /claim on DICE community group
5. click “Get your Voucher code here” on the comment of bot and than type /start on the bot » https://t.me/dicet_bot
6. click or type /[email protected]_bot on the comment to know your total bonus
7. please KEEP YOUR VOUCHER CODE SAFE and DO NOT SHARE IT PUBLICILY. We will publish form for ETH address to transfer the tokens immediately after the ICO.
8. to get your reff link please type /[email protected]_bot on DICE community group

fill registered form with your telegram username, twitter username, twitter profile link, ETH address and your email , do not in the chat of this group ✅


🛂 Information for voucher code owners: 🛂
🔜 After the ICO is complete the Dicet bot will PM every group member to ask them to respond with their ETH address and a vouncher code. 🏧

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