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87 ETHLend ~ 8.7 USD

Install Eidoo Wallet app in your phone and get random amount of EHTLend token.

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You need to add following contract address for the token to display in your wallet:

Contract address: 0x80fB784B7eD66730e8b1DBd9820aFD29931aab03.

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What is ETHLend?

ETHLend is a decentralized lending service that uses the Smart Contract feature built on the Ethereal platform. ETHLend will make it easy for people to borrow or lend money without having to trust one another or to find a third party, while reducing costs to the lowest.

ETHLend has its own ethernet ERC20 token, code-named LEND.

You can buy this coin on Binance or Kucoin , the two most prestigious trading floor today.

ETH Lend Is Not An Independence Foundation

As mentioned in the detailed Ethereum article , Ethereum is Blockchain’s Smart Contract feature that allows developers to build dApp applications for the purpose. economic, financial … without having to pass third party. In other words, Ethereum helps young developers build empires without having to worry about resources and security. ETH Lend is a typical example.

ETH Lend borrows resources from Ethereum to build empire without much effort. The value of ETH Lend lies in its long-term mission, not in building independent systems. According to the group’s introductory text, ETH Lend in the future may also expand to other systems similar to Ethereum. We can understand simple, Ethereum is a building, ETH Lend is a company into the office. In the long run, when the company is strong, it can be rented at other locations as a branch.

How it works ETH LEND
How it works ETH LEND

Application of ETH Lend

As a decentralized application, ETH Lend creates a friendly environment for lenders and borrowers to meet and trade. Borrowing not only encapsulates the Crypto coin, but can also encroach on FIATs and real assets. Due to the advantage of being a distributed application in Ethereum ecosystem, ETHLend can link with other applications to better support customers.

Here are some of the features of ETHLend:

1. Loans divided right


In Crypto: You can use ETH Lend to borrow Ether to buy investment tokens for ICOs. Borrowed to expand mines, liquidity for transactions, open for locked Ethers in ENS domains …
In FIAT money economy: conversion of Ether value or token over USD currency to support for problem in reality.
Future: Tokenization of physical assets (vehicles, energy, artwork). Mortgage of these assets to Token or Ether.

2. Secure Collateral with Digital Asset and ENS Domain

ETH Lend allows borrowers to use ERC20 tokens as collateral for loans. Eg: Users who have a list of tokens are not required to sell these tokens for liquidity. Instead, the user can mortgage the token to get liquidity. Alternatively, the ENS domain name can be used to secure the loan; if not, the Ether will be locked in the domain. (The ENS domain name may be the address of the borrower’s Ether.)

3. Loan Based on Reputation

ETH Lend will bind Ethereum’s other decentralized applications (Bloom, uPort) to create a data system that allows users to evaluate each user’s credit score. As a result, lending will be safer and more transparent. In addition, ETHlend also records the history of transactions and thereby forms its own credit rating system. These credit data can be extracted into Blockchain or other applications.

4. Share Hazards with Other Lenders

When a lender does not trust the borrower, it can be passed on to multiple lenders, breaking down the loan, minimizing the risk to the lowest.

5. Market Projections for Credit Risk Prospects

Predict the crypto market to help lenders get a more accurate and secure loan decision.

6. Reverse Auctions

ETHLend will hold auctions in which the lender will auction the amount of money that they can lend.

What is the ETHLEND LETTER used for?

In the ICTH ETHLend has called the community to buy LEND token. This token has the following uses:

  • Used to reduce 25% transaction fee on ETHLend
  • LENDER RESOLUTION for active borrowers and borrowers on ETHLend based on past transaction volume of individuals.
  • Use LEND to use the special features of ETHLend.
  • Bonus commission for ETHLend referrals for friends, acquaintances. In the first quarter of 2018 ETHLend will buy a certain amount of LENDs to reward those who refer new members.

Relationship between ETHLend and Ethereum

From the beginning we have said ETHLend is a model of decentralized application of Ethereum ecosystem. Ethereum does not own ETHLend but rather ETHLend borrows resources from Ethereum for development. Consequently, ETHLend is now dependent on Ethereum. This is an advantage for both ETHLend and Ethereum.

Why? ETHLend will solve the problem of resources and Ethereum will increasingly expand its ecosystem, attracting more investors, helping the Aether add value.

In the article on Ethereum, we have to say that not all decentralized applications will grow well on Ethereum, only some of them fit well beyond reach. This we do not have to worry about ETHLend. Ethereal was born and developed, mainly to promote economic and financial activities. ETHLend is an intelligent contract loan application, which is the hard-working feature of Ethereum. Therefore, ETHLend follows Ethereum’s orientation. As a result, both ETHLend and Ethereum will help each other up.

Having an Investment Background on ETHLend?

Due to the visibility of Ethereum’s network and the need to market, ETHLend has gained a lot of attention from the Crypto community, resulting in increased value of the Token Lend, the Ether Rate also increasing. dizziness. If you plan to buy LEND, you can wait for the heat and buy, wait for ETHLend mature and have a strong voice and then sold out. You have in hand LEND, ahead is expected to have another round of price increases, very suitable for sale.

You can buy this coin on Binance or Kucoin , the two most prestigious trading floor today. Bibox floors also support ETHLend.

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