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EventChain (EVC)

15 EVC

Join Telegram and follow the instructions.

EventChain (EVC)
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Follow and submit your details below to be eligible for our airdrop and receive 15 EVC tokens! You will receive a unique referral link after you complete your submission. Give this link to your friends and receive 5 EVC tokens for every friend you refer!

1 Join EventChain Telegram Channel: https://t.me/eventchain_io

2 Join EventChain Telegram Group (chat): https://t.me/eventchain

3 Join https://twitter.com/eventchain_io stay updated on the EVC Airdrop details.

4 Share the Airdrop Post on all your social media accounts.

All tasks must be completed to receive airdrop. Tasks must be completed before the conclusion of the airdrop or you will not receive your Zeto Tokens. Your invited friend must join and follow all the steps for you to receive the tokens.
Any participant caught cheating or abusing the airdrop program in any way will forfeit all earned tokens.
Note: Please follow all the steps suggested by the Airdrop BOT and do not paste your ETH wallet address in the Telegram Group/ Chat.
Maximum referral limits
For top 5: 1500
Top 5-10: 1000
and 500 referrals for remaining.

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