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Havven (HAV)

50 HAV ~ 25 USD

Register and follow Telegram to join airdrop after ICO sale.

Havven (HAV)
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You need to add following contract address for the token to display in your wallet:

Contract address: 0xf244176246168f24e3187f7288edbca29267739b.

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What is Havven?

Havven is a decentralized payment network that uses a dual token system to reduce price fluctuations. Charges from transactions in the system are used as collateral for the network. The collateral will be guaranteed by the blockchain, allowing for the creation of a stablecoin type thatis guaranteed by the asset .

Each transaction generates charges and is paid to the holder of the mortgage token and when the transaction volume grows, the value of the platform will increase. The payment network does not need the right, low fee, stable payment that will allow anyone anywhere to deal with anyone they want.

The Havven project is based in Australia and has been in preparation since September 2017.

How to Get Token Free

To register for the upcoming airdrop, go to Havven Airdrop here.


You click on the Join Havven on Telegram button and join the Havven Telegram group. In the field below you fill out the following:

  • Enter Your Telegram ID : Your telegram ID , must have @ sign , for example @payvnn .
  • Other information required.

After you have finished click on Signup Now! to register. The airdrop will take place on February 14th.

What is Stablecoin? Why Stablecoin?


Stablecoin is a virtual currency generated in Havven’s dual token model. The double token model means that in addition to the type of token you include in your payment network, there is a token called Stablecoin that mediates to keep prices from fluctuating. Stablecoin also serves as a security asset for the payment platform.

Stablecoin has 6 main features:

  1. International money transfer
  2. Trade on decentralized trading floors
  3. Use daily payments
  4. Unit of calculation for forecast markets
  5. Contribute to calling token funds
  6. Store value assurance

Learn more about the Havven project at:

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