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NKOR #2 Airdrop


Register and get 100 points, connect to social account to get more points, mean more token.

NKOR #2 Airdrop
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What is NKOR?

NKOR is the foundation for creating a new standard in the authentication and distribution of digital data on the Internet. NKOR is the world’s first platform to incorporate multi-layer index hashing into blockchain .

Hash : A hash function or hash chain is an algorithm that creates a corresponding encrypted string for each block of data. Payvnn will use the term ” hash ” to match the context.

The NKOR ecosystem allows authors to mark time and hashes for their work, record in blockchain, track usage, benefit from community distribution, and ensure copyright control and Intellectual Property.

NKOR is a company registered as NKOR Ltd and is based at 57/63, GX11 1AA Line Wall Road ,Gibraltar .

Airdrop NKOR registration guide

Step 1: Access the NKOR Bounty page and click on the Let’s Earn Token button.

NKOR Bounty & Airdrop

NKOR Earn Token

Step 2 : Fill in the name, email and address of the Ethereum wallet .

Step 3 : Access the mail with the subject Confirm your entry! Click on the link to enter the quest page.


Step 4 : Upon access you will see many tasks to do and get the corresponding score for each task. Click on each task button and follow the instructions.


Step 5 : Do the task Like Facebook. You click on Facebook > like Facebook page> back and click here to finish verification to complete. Same for Twitter, Instagram, Youtube …

Step 6 : Do Telegram, Medium …Step 7 : Share link to friends register and get 100 points per person.

Note the score here will determine your ranking on the total number of participants in Airdrop. The higher your ranking, the more token you will receive.

The benefits of NKOR

NKOR empowers content creators by revolutionizing and democratizing the state of the content sharing platform.

Data Security by Algorithm : Any digital content on NKOR is hashed using the multi-layer indexing algorithm and encrypted into blockchain.

NKOR Protect
NKOR Protect

Data sharing is as easy as sending mail : with a personal crypto key, the member can give access to anyone’s data easily and securely. This can be done by a smart contract on the blockchain.

NKOR Smart Contract
NKOR Smart Contract

Helps Authors Protect Their Intellectual Property Rights : NKOR’s new neurological indexing algorithm helps authors protect their work by monitoring transmission throughout the system and preventing duplication.

Private Restoration : NKOR is a new generation of decentralized e-commerce marketplace for sharing data, allowing participants to directly communicate with others without having to go through a collection center. personal.

Eliminate Intermediaries : Sell ​​your work while retaining licensing, public or private publishing, direct access to audiences and discovering new artists and authors without barriers. any intermediary.

NKOR Creator
NKOR Creator

NKR Token

NKR Token is the main currency in the ecosystem of NKOR. NKR is an ERC20-compliant token on the blockchain platform of Ethereum.

  • Total number of tokens issued : 200,000,000 (200 million)
  • Sell ​​during the ICO : 40 million (40 million) – 20%
  • Token price : 1 NKR = 0.000625 ETH
  • Soft-cap : 2500 ETH
  • Hard-cap : 25000 ETH

Token will be distributed as follows:

Phan phoi token NKR
Phan phoi token NKR

Team development

The NKOR development team comes from Europe and has extensive experience in blockchain programming.

Learn more about the NKOR project at:


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