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TrakInvest (TRAK)


Get your friend join Telegram group and get 10 TRAK for each. Worth 5 USD in ICO and can multiply by 10 or 20 in future.

TrakInvest (TRAK)
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You need to add following contract address for the token to display in your wallet:

Contract address: 0x12759512d326303b45f1cec8f7b6fd96f387778e.

See tutorials.

What is TrakInvest

TrakInvest is the world’s first virtual social investment platform for stakes. This platform combines the social media and investment-based compensation incentives based on a simple user interface – providing users with a simple and unique tool for communicating and sharing. transaction activity.

More specifically, at TrakInvest you can:

  • Learn how to invest from courses offered by professionals who have been certified by TrakInvest .
  • Keep track of experienced traders from the TrakInvest community to learn more.
  • Use the analysis tools provided by TrakInvest to analyze and select your own portfolio.
  • In addition, you can also join the TrakInvest expert certification and start creating courses and make money from it.

Get Directions Airdrop Token From TrakInvest

Current TrakInvest have referral programs you participate Telegram Group of TrakInvest to receive token TRAK free. Follow these steps:

  • First chat with TrakInvest Bot by pressing the button below:


  • Click the Start button to start.
  • Click on Step 1: Join Telegram Chat . You will be teleported to TrakInvest’s Telegram group. Click Join .
  • Go back to TrakInvest Chatbot and click on Step 2: Submit Details For Bounty .
  • Bot will ask for your email address and public address for your ETH . Fill in and enter.
  • After you provide your ETH wallet address. Bot will ask you to double check and press Confirm Submission to confirm.
  • Upon completion of the confirmation, the chatbot will provide you with a referral link of your own. Use this link to invite people to join. With each friend using the link ref participate and perform the steps as directed, you will receive is 10 TRAK .

See detailed instruction:

Guide Receives Token Token
Guide Receives Token Token

What is TRAK Token?

Token TRAK is a utility token that can be used to perform a variety of operations on the TrakInvest platform . The demand for TRAK is due to the strong pipeline of existing contracts with leading companies and leading universities, TrakInvest’s marketing initiatives continue to include “Show  TrakInvest ” and overall market dynamics.

TRAK Token is created for the following major uses:

  • Payment for course fees
  • Get TrachInvest’s online blockchain certification
  • Reward members to share data, ideas and lessons on trade.

ICO Information

  • Token Code: TRAK
  • Price For Sale PreICO 1 ETH = 2184 TRAK
  • Price Selling Dec 1 ETH = 910-1170 TRAK
  • Background: Ethereum
  • Accept Payment: ETH
  • Headquarters: Singapore
  • Whitelist / KYC: KYC & Whitelist

Token Method of Distribution

There are a total of  155,294,118  TRAK tokens . Inside:

  • 42% for PreICO and ICO (equivalent to 66 million tokens)
  • 5% for Bounty, Refferals, Community …
  • 15% to expand acquisition & acquisition.
  • 10% for the advisory board
  • 23% for the management team
  • 5% for partners and early investors.

The unsold TRAK Token will be destroyed at the end of the ICO and before being listed on the exchange.

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