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What is Viberate?

Viberate is an online music ecosystem with crowd- generated and market-based blockchain trading. Viberate will help artists meet ticketing partners and event organizers most easily.

Viberate is based in the city of Ljubljana in the Republic of Slovenia in Southern Europe.

User profiles on Viberate are updated daily from a variety of sources, from streaming channels, social networks, ticketing services, and artist scheduling.

Viberate’s profile features include:

  • Official links from social networks
  • User rating
  • Update parameters from all social networks and live channels including fans, interactivity and fan geography.
  • Schedule and ticket sales
  • Contact Info
Viberate la gi

Concentrated community service Viberate

Viberate is always decentralized from the core. The database is always open to the public, anyone can add a new artist. Viberate makes the database today thanks to the help of more than 50,000 contributors around the world.

This ability allows Viberate to be at the forefront of the development of the music industry. Using blockchain technology to gather information from artists, performers and event profiles is the best way to keep the database growing fast and up to date.

View video clip of VIBERATE service:

What is VIB Token?

VIB Token is an ERC20 standard block based on the blockchain of Ethereum, which is the main source of raw material for the Viberate ecosystem.


VIB Token can be used to:

  • Activate a global community
  • Access to contact information of major partners
  • Buy on the marketplace
  • Paid reservation
  • Advertise on Viberate
  • Buy tickets for events

Every day VIB will spend 5000 token VIB to pay community contributions to Viberate content.

How to get free VIB token

To start a free VIB token, you need to register a Viberate account here or click the button below.


After registration and login, click on the link Participation in the left column, then you can proceed to VIB Token search as follows:

Option 1 – CONTRIBUTE : Contribute information. You can add ADD artists (ADD VENUE) or events (ADD EVENT) to the Viberate database.

Option 2 – GROW OUR COMMUNITY: Introducing friends. Copy link and introduce friends to register to receive more token.

Option 3 – PROMOTE : Connect your Viberate account with Facebook, Twitter and Bitcoin to receive your token every time you post relevant posts and tag @ nickberate.

So every day you will be rewarded with VIB corresponding to your contribution. On average, a member will be rewarded 8 VIB.

Withdraw VIB on purse

To withdraw VIB you need to have at least 100 VIB in your wallet. Then you access the link My wallet , enter the wallet address and the amount VIB wants to withdraw (withdrawal fee is 5 VIB).

Rut VIB ve vi
Rut VIB ve vi

Where to buy VIB token?

If you do not want VIB for free, you can buy VIB at the following exchanges:

Price of VIB token

At the time of writing, the VIB token was priced at $ 0.61 per unit and the total market capitalization was $ 101 million.

Learn more about Viberate at:

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