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100 VIO ~ 10 USD

Install Eidoo Wallet app in your phone and get random amount of VIO token.

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You need to add following contract address for the token to display in your wallet:

Contract address: 0x94ffb55ce68231c5966ea8dab16a8f066846513f.

See tutorials.

What is Vio?

Vio is a P2P digital transfer platform supported by blockchain and Visa Direct. Vio users can send and receive – in and out of the country – to another account or wallet address. Users can convert Vio tokens into their native currency directly to their Visa debit card. No transaction fees or currency conversion fees.

Vio enhances its ability to resist Ethereum blockchain attacks , combined with Visa Direct, to create an innovative digital P2P transformation platform. Blockchain Ethereum provides a mechanism for users to send and receive domestic and international money instantly. Visa Direct is used to pay for fiat seamlessly, securely and directly to the user’s Visa Debit card.

The purpose of Vio is to transfer money internationally to Africa, for free and instant. Vio will focus first in markets such as Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and Cameroon and expand the entire Africa and global region in the future.

Vio Phone Application

Vio Phone Application
Vio Phone Application

Vio is a platform that appears as a phone app (iOS and Android). The
Vio application will have the following features:

  • Create wallet and user profiles: Ensure security through customer identification mechanism (steps are quite similar to identifying trading account identities).
  • Deposits at home and abroad for user profiles or other wallet addresses
  • Change the VIO token directly into a Visa debit card through Visa Direct.
  • Add VIO token by Visa / Mastercard
  • Request money from the directory.
  • Show transaction history
  • Display information (About, Terms and Conditions, Policies)

Action Mechanism

Send money through the Vio app
Send money through the Vio app
  • User A registers to create a profile and associate the account with his Visa Debit card.
  • User A loads the VIO token via: direct debit with Visa / MasterCard; Acquisition through VIO-enabled trading platforms, receiving VIO from other users.
  • Users use the Vio application to send the VIO token to the recipient through the
    Ethereum blockchain (local and overseas, to different addresses and profiles).
  • The recipient’s Vio application will be added to the Vio token.
  • The recipient submits a request for the conversion of VIO to fiat based on the updated exchange
  • Vio receives the request and converts the Vio token into a fiat currency.
  • Vio uses Visa Direct to pay the fiat directly to the recipient’s Visa Debit card.
Converts the VIO token into fiat
Converts the VIO token into fiat

What is a VIO Token?

Token VIO is a digital money unit used in the Vio platform to ensure liquidity and payment for the Vio platform.

The VIO Token is based on the ERC-20 standard, so the Vio Token can be stored on ETH support wallets. VIO purchases through the ICO are also paid for by ETH.

VIO Token Purchase Terms

There will be 1 billion token VIO standard ERC-20 is created theo chương trình bằng cách sử dụng một hợp đồng thông minh sẽ được kiểm toán trước khi đợt bán mở ra. Hợp đồng thông minh sử dụng khung nền tảng OpenZeppelin.

The VIO token supply will be delivered immediately after the ICO. A large number of tokens will be created to maintain liquidity and payment in the Vio platform .

Token VIO Allocation Method

VIO token allocation method
VIO token allocation method
  • 25% is spent on providing liquidity and resolving the platform
  • 25% are retained by the company
  • 25% for semi-public
  • 25% is spent on developing the platform and encouraging participation in the ecosystem.

Token Sale Information

Duration of the sale is: 19/02/2018 – 02/03/2018


Price : 1ETH = 8000VIO

Payment accepted: ETH

KYC & Payment via ICO Engine

How To Buy a VIO Token

Vio has partnered with Eidoo ICO Engine , see Eidoo as a strategic partner. Therefore, the KYC registration and ICO participation are through Eidoo and ICO Engine services. To be able to participate in VIO token purchases, we need an EID wallet  with enough ETH balances to purchase a VIO token, an ICO Identity Identity (EIDoo KYC) account with a Tier 1 minimum.

View Eidoo tutorial for creating EIDoo wallet, loading ETH into Eidoo here .

View account registrations and ICO Identity authentication here .

Violet token purchase guide
Violet token purchase guide

Buying a token will be done through the Eidoo wallet application. Once you’ve loaded ETH into your Eidoo wallet and completed your ICO Engine account. Open the Eidoo wallet application and you will see a small banner at the bottom that reads “See the ICO list”, click on this banner.

At this time there will be ICOs in or near the sale, with VIO. Click on the VIO banner. There will be another interface appear, you enter the number of ETH you want to buy VIO to (the rate is 1ETH = 8000 VIO) and then click the PROCEED button at the top right.

The application will display the Terms & Conditions, read complete “I AGREE” in the upper right corner. Completed.

Get Airdrop token VIO

Just register your Eidoo account before March, you will have the opportunity to receive the VIO airdrop token after the end of the ICO.

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